Who's responsible for the rift between Israel and American Jews?

What really happens within the relationship between the State of Israel and the Jews of the United States?

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The Israel-Diaspora Rift Red Herring?
The Israel-Diaspora Rift Red Herring?

Are American Jewish leaders deliberately misleading the public when they blame Israeli policies for the widening rift between Israel and progressive, young US Jews to make up for their own failures in reaching out to them?

Rabbi David Eliezrie, who is Chabad's liaison to the American Jewish establishment thinks so, and tells it to their face and to Gil Hoffman.

Eliezrie says the problem is not with the Jewish Nation-State Law or the broken compromise on the Western Wall but with the lack of Jewish education for non-Orthodox Jewish children and follow up programs to Birthright Israel.

He also questions whether Reform or Conservative Jewish leaders can still claim to speak for a majority of US Jews due to their dwindling membership. But he gives hope that in Israel, trends are going in a more positive direction.