2 arrested during demolition of J'lem synagogue

Jerusalem municipality orders demolition of illegally built synagogue; demonstrators clash with police, with two arrested.

David Rosenberg ,

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(Archive image)

Two people were arrested Tuesday morning, during protests against the demolition of an illegally-built synagogue in Jerusalem.

Officials from the municipality of Jerusalem, accompanied by police officers, dismantled a synagogue Tuesday morning which was built in the Shmuel Hanavi neighborhood without any permit or authorization from the city.

The synagogue had been cleared for demolition by a Jerusalem court in 2017.

According to the Kikar Hashabbat website, a group of haredi extremists clashed with police during the demolition. Two of the demonstrators were taken into custody.

In a statement released shortly after the demolition, Jerusalem city officials said that the synagogue had been built in the yard of a private residence.

“This case involved illegal enclosure in a yard with no authorization. The dismantling of the enclosure was carried out based on the ruling of a local court which made its decision in 2017.”