'A child was killed, don't you get it?'

Suspected killer of 13-year-old remains silent during forensic disputation with his friends, 'Be human - express remorse.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Eylon Shalev-Amsalem
Eylon Shalev-Amsalem
Courtesy of the family

The dramatic police station confrontation between Eli Bar Zakai, who was suspected of running over 13-year-old Eylon Shalev-Amsalem and his two friends who were with him before the accident was revealed on Monday evening.

Channel 10 News, which brought the documentation, reported this is probably the most significant evidence the police have in the case.

During the stormy debate, Bar Zakai's friend said to the interrogator: "He drank vodka and XL - I don't know how much."

During the confrontation, Bar Zakai's other friend said, as he fell to the floor crying: "I offered you to be the driver - a 13-year-old boy was killed here. Don't you get it?"

"You don't understand what I'm going through; I feel guilty because I didn't drive the car. This boy comes to me in my dreams. You killed a child, don't you understand that?"

His friends' statements adhered to the details of the case in a relatively reliable manner, but even though they pleaded with him: "Be a human being for me, express remorse," and asked: "Did you see the news on television? Did you see his parents? The funeral? Do you understand what you did?", they could not get a word out of him during the whole confrontation.

Attorney Uri Kenan, who represents Eli Bar Zakai, said in response to the publication of the dramatic confrontation: "It would be improper and dishonest for me to analyze investigative materials before I see them. Statements made in the name of my client in the media about these and other behaviors are statements that will have to stand up to the evidence and reality."

On Sunday, the Tel Aviv District Court accepted the prosecution's request to send Bar Zakai to house arrest until the end of the legal proceedings. At the request of the State Attorney's Office, he will be sent to total house arrest under 24 hours supervision, prohibition of contact with those involved, financial guarantees, issuance of an order prohibiting exit from Israel, and revocation of his driver's license.