Jewish woman brutally mugged in Crown Heights

Assailants punched and kicked her before fleeing with her purse.

Tzvi Lev ,

Crown Heights
Crown Heights
Serge Attal/FLASH90

A Jewish woman was violently mugged by two assailants on Saturday night in New York's Chabad-dominated Crown Heights neighborhood.

According to the report in, two African-American assailants jumped out of a car and punched and kicked a woman on Saturday night next to Carroll Street and Troy Avenue. The two grabbed her purse and escaped in their getaway car after the woman started screaming for help.

The woman was evacuated to the hospital and she has filed a police report. The Shomrim volunteer law-enforcement group has been searching for the two suspects throughout the day.

Saturday night's assault is not the first time that Jews have been attacked by Crown Heights residents. In April, James Vincent, a 40-year-old African American man, assaulted Menachem Moskowitz he returned home from the synagogue. Vincent strangled him and shouted anti-Semitic curses at him.

Earlier in the week, a Jewish man was assaulted in the same neighborhood as he was walking with another Chabad man late on a Friday night.

The man was attacked by three black men and two black women near the Chabad headquarters. One of the assailants asked the man "do you want to fight?" and began to kick and punch him with others joining in the attack.

A neighbor who heard a man’s shouts for help called the Crown Heights Shomrim, who found blood on the sidewalk but not the victim.