Daycare centers blame government for planned strike

Daycare centers won't open on schedule unless workers' conditions improve and government funding is increased, representatives say.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Children in daycare
Children in daycare

The organizations running Israel's supervised daycare centers on Monday morning explained to Israeli parents that due to a shortage of daycare workers as well as budget shortages, daycares will not be able to open according to schedule.

Schools and daycares across Israel are scheduled to begin the year on September 2.

The organizations, which include Na'amat, WIZO, Emunah, Neot Yaakov, Neshei Herut, and Neot Margalit, emphasized that their decision was made in order to stop the system from collapsing entirely.

"The responsibility for the collapse for supervised daycare centers belongs to the Israeli government," the organization said. "The government must act immediately in order to save them."

"There needs to be a comprehensive change in the early childhood sector, which will include immediately adding additional daycare workers to classrooms, improving their work conditions, and budgets to allow professional training. We are upset about the discomfort which will be caused to parents, but we are convinced that they too understand that this is a fight for everyone's children."

Dozens of smaller providers across the country, from every sector of Israeli society, also announced that they would join the strike and not open on September 2.