'Roi was kidnapped - it will be hard for him to survive'

Friend of Israeli man arrested by Colombian authorities after large quantity of cocaine found on his boat says his friend is being framed.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Columbia Ship
Columbia Ship

An investigation continues against Roi Erez, an Israeli citizen arrested while on his way to Jamaica and taken to Colombia.

According to reports, hundreds of kilograms of cocaine were found on the yacht he was riding, and he is suspected of transferring drugs for commercial purposes.

Avraham Kadoshi, 74, who spent time with Erez in the weeks before his departure from Panama, was quoted in the newspaper Israel Hayom. "We were together for a few weeks, I sat with him seconds before he set out on his journey."

According to Kadoshi, "Roi had no plan to go to Jamaica, everything that is published is a lie. He told me he was going to sail in the Panama region and go back to Bocas, where we had spent time together.”

"Roi Erez was kidnapped by the Colombian army," Kadoshi claimed. "It was not in an area under their authority, it was in international waters. There was certainly a plot to bring him down. Anyone who knows him knows that he is such an innocent guy who couldn't hurt a fly.”

"The great sin of Roi is that he was a sailor. It ruined his life. If someone in Israel does not wake up and save him, he will find it difficult to survive. They are attributing the most serious offenses to him. He was a fighter in the IDF, among the best of people, only those who know him understand how naive and good he is. "

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: "The Israeli citizen on whose ship the soldiers of Colombia's navy boarded, when he traveled between Jamaica and Colombia, was brought to the island of San Andres in Colombia and is under examination by the authorities. The Israeli consul in Bogota, Yuval Sharabi, certified that his condition is good, and talked with him by telephone.”