Meretz MK: Erdan gun license plan will endanger women

Demands urgent Committee for Advancement of Status of Women hearing, claiming gun reform will increase 'gender-based murder' cases.

Mordechai Sones ,

Flash 90

MK Michal Rozin (Meretz) today asked Committee for the Advancement of the Status of Women Chairwoman MK Aida Touma Sliman (Joint Arab List) to convene an urgent hearing following Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan's plan to expand the number of arms license holders.

Rozin sought to convene the hearing under the heading "Convening emergency meeting following approval of criteria for expanding weapons possession permits."

According to Rozin, "Approving the new criteria raises serious concerns for safety of women and children in Israel: Sixteen women have been murdered since the beginning of the year on gender grounds, three of them with firearms.

"There's no proof the reform will increase the 'response to thwart attacks,' as Minister Erdan claims, but there is evidence that the reform could significantly increase the risk to women and children's lives."

MK Rozin concluded, "It's inconceivable that approving the weapons plan will take place during recess and without a substantive Knesset discussion. Therefore, I'd appreciate you convening an emergency session of the Committee for the Advancement of the Status of Women and Gender Equality, which you chair, to discuss the implications of approving these regulations and to promote an alternative program for improving security of Israeli citizens."

To check "gender-based murder" statistics bandied about by feminist operatives, Arutz Sheva contacted the police in May seeking data on the murder of women since the beginning of the year. As of then, 11 women had been murdered. However, of the 11, only one was murdered by a spouse or former spouse.

The query was made because MKs Touma-Sliman and Merav Ben-Ari (Kulanu) had demanded treatment of men suspected of violence must be made even more stringent, because "every week a woman is murdered here" (as Ben-Ari said) and "from the beginning of the year 13 women were murdered" (a statement repeated by both MKs).

On the Haaretz website, six murders of women were recorded from the beginning of the year until May. As in the police data, only one of them was a murder carried out by a spouse or former spouse, two Arab sisters were murdered by their brothers, and three women were murdered by their sons. In one of these cases, the woman was 91 and the son decided to commit suicide and murder her too because he feared she would suffer if she continued to live without him.

In another case not appearing on the Haaretz website, Bracha Or, 52, of Tiberias, was murdered by her daughter, who also committed suicide.

MK Merav Ben-Ari (Kulanu) had rhetorically asked, "When did a woman ever murder a man?": On February 5, an indictment was filed in the Haifa District Court against a 53-year-old Tirat HaCarmel resident for murdering her 66-year-old spouse, David Nachum. According to the indictment, she planned the murder in detail throughout the previous week, and waited until she was alone with her husband on January 14, and then, as he sat on a chair, she stabbed her husband 65 times with two kitchen knives.

The two lived together in an apartment on Jabotinsky Street for 30 years. According to the indictment, the background to the murder was the woman's fear that she would be hospitalized and her husband would stay in their apartment and enjoy it without her. She was found fit to stand trial.

In conclusion: From the beginning of this year until May, one woman was murdered by a spouse, and one man was murdered by a spouse.