Police sleep as Chicago experiences crime wave

Viral photographs show Chicago police asleep in patrol car as Windy City experiences wave of shootings.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Police car
Police car

Two Chicago police officers were photographed while they were taking a nap in their car - while Chicago was suffering a particularly severe wave of murders and violence.

The photos have been shared on Facebook more than 20,000 times since they were first released on Saturday. One of the people who shared

Green, who is active in the Black Lives Matter movement, which is known for its hostility toward the police, said that the police had been overworked by incumbent Mayor Rahm Emmanuel.

"In light of all of the violence that happened last week, Rahm decided to deploy 600 MORE officers & make officers work overtime! This picture proves WHY that was a bad idea," Green wrote. "Officers get fatigued which will prevent them from reacting to crime. Militarizing communities does NOT reduce violence. That’s why I’m running for mayor because we need a REAL comprehensive plan to address violence that deals with economics / jobs, education, mental health, small businesses, affordable housing and more!"