What's the connection between Bluetooth and Vikings?

And how is this all connected with blue teeth and toothbrushing?

Matanel Roth ,

Did he also use Bluetooth?
Did he also use Bluetooth?

No-one doesn't know Bluetooth - the technology that allows us to transfer songs between cell phones or connect our cell phone to Bluetooth headsets with no wires.

You've probably noticed that the word Bluetooth consists of a combination of two English words, Blue, and tooth, a strange nickname for cellphone technology, is it not?

The name originates more than 900 years ago in Denmark. At that time, many Viking tribes lived divided and fought each other incessantly.

After years of wars, a man named Harald, who succeeded (with the help of politics and power) in uniting all the Danish tribes into one clan and made himself the first king of Denmark. The nickname for that Harald was Bluetooth, probably because he was not particularly careful about brushing his teeth at bedtime.

Bluetooth's inventor was looking for a name that would define the technology as one that unites different devices and therefore named it after Harald Bluetooth who united the Danes.

Also, if you look well you'll see the Bluetooth logo consists of the two old Danish letters B and B which are the initials of Harald's name.

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