Hevron Arab to be indicted for planned attack in J'lem

Terrorist arrested after arousing suspicions of police in Old City of J'lem. Investigation finds that he planned an attack.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

knife found on terrorist
knife found on terrorist
IDF Spokesperson

On Monday afternoon, Israel Police filed a prosecutor’s statement against Suleiman Kafisha, a 26-year-old resident of Hevron.

Two weeks ago, policemen and Border Policemen who were operating in the Old City of Jerusalem noticed Kafisha, who aroused their suspicions, and detained him for questioning. They found that he was a resident of Hevron who had entered Israel illegally. A knife and pepper spray were found on his person.

Kafisha was immediately arrested by the police and taken to the police station. In an initial interrogation he claimed that he had entered Israel to pray.

The interrogators were suspicious of Kafisha's intentions and the investigation was transferred to the Central Unit. With the progress of the investigation, which was initially conducted under a gag order, the interrogators carried out interrogations that exposed Kafisha's real intentions to carry out a stabbing attack in Jerusalem against civilians or security forces.

Kafisha's detention was extended by the court until today, and a short time ago police filed a statement of intention to file an indictment against the suspect for offenses of preparation for a terrorist act and conspiracy to a terrorist act. The court extended his detention until Thursday for the purpose of filing the indictment.

Police said that "The arrest of the suspect, the carrying out of the interrogation and the exposure of his intentions prevented an attempt to carry out an attack in the Jerusalem area that could have had serious consequences. The efforts to locate, prevent and thwart attempts by attackers and terrorist organizations to carry out their intentions continue throughout Jerusalem and the Jerusalem area , and the arrest of the suspect is a central and additional element to the smart and focused operational activity being carried out all the time."