'Moldova must intensify fight against anti-Semitism'

World Jewish Congress Director-General Robert Singer emphasizes importance of Holocaust memory, combating modern anti-Semitism.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

משלחת הקונגרס היהודי העולמי במפגש במולדובה
משלחת הקונגרס היהודי העולמי במפגש במולדובה

Last week, World Jewish Congress President Robert Singer met with senior Moldovan government officials and leaders of the Jewish community of the country to discuss Holocaust preservation and education, the security of the Jewish community and the need to combat anti-Semitism with zero tolerance.

The congressional delegation was attended by the President of the Asian-European Jewish Congress Mikhail Mirelashvili, President of the Jewish Community of Moldova, Alexander Bilinkis and the Director-General of the Asian-European Jewish Congress, Chaim Ben Yaakov.

"The World Jewish Congress thanks the Government of Moldova for its generous reception and for its commitment to preserving the memory of the Holocaust," Singer said. "Our community in Moldova is small but dedicated and strong, and we call upon the Government of Moldova to prioritize the struggle against anti-Semitism and to assist in all matters on this issue, and we look forward to continuing cooperation with the government to ensure the welfare of our community."

In talks with Moldovan Foreign Minister Tudor Olinovsky, Singer stressed the importance of adopting the Anti-Semitism and Holocaust Denial definition of the International Convention for the Preservation of the Memory of the Holocaust and the importance of public condemnation of anti-Semitism.

For his part, the foreign minister stressed the commitment of the state authorities to building a society in the spirit of tolerance, non-discrimination and respect for the rights of citizens of all ethnic groups in his country.

Later, Zinger and the WJC delegation met with Moldova's Minister of Economy and Infrastructure Kirill Gburitzi to discuss the issue of restitution of Jewish property in the country, including cemeteries in need of renovation, economic opportunities for kosher slaughter, and promotion of tourism efforts in Jewish community centers, Jewish community in the capital, Chisinau.

Regarding the preservation of Jewish cemeteries, the minister expressed his intention to assist in the process and begin an initial pilot of 10 sites throughout the country.

They then met with Moldovan Education Minister Monica Babok to discuss teacher training in Holocaust education and the preservation of her memory. The conversation also focused on the establishment of a museum of Jewish history in Moldova; Preservation and protection of monuments devoted to Holocaust victims; As well as the importance of proper maintenance of Jewish cemeteries.

Senior members of the congressional delegation met with the chairman of the Moldovan Democratic Party for talks on relations with the Jewish community and Moldova's relations with the State of Israel.

During his visit, Singer also met with the rabbis of the Jewish communities in Moldova and discussed key issues related to religious occupations and services in the country, focusing on ways to improve Jewish daily life in all areas.