Liberman gives PA an unusual gesture

Letters and parcels sent from Jordan to PA in last eight years released by Israel.

Nitsan Keidar ,

Mail (illustration)
Mail (illustration)

Ten tons of letters and parcels which were sent from Jordan to the Palestinian Authority (PA) but were held back by Israel between 2008 and 2010 for security reasons have been released in recent days.

The release was made as a one-time gesture, according to diplomatic sources in Israel.

Allam Mousa, the PA official in charge of communications, accused Israel of delaying any possibility of signing a joint agreement that would facilitate the transfer of postal materials to the PA.

The diplomatic sources said in response that the packages had indeed been transferred and noted that the move was carried out as a gesture ahead of the formulation of an agreement on postal services. Work on the agreement is currently under way, they said.

However, officials both in Israel and the PA stressed there was no connection between the release of the mail and the events in Gaza or the ceasefire agreements currently being negotiated under Egyptian mediation.