IDF base commander suspected of corruption

Commander of Kirya military base in Tel Aviv on leave as investigation into alleged activities underway.

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Kirya in Tel Aviv
Kirya in Tel Aviv
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In recent days, Col. Yigal Ben Ami, the commander of the Kirya military base in Tel Aviv, was interrogated on suspicion of committing acts that violate moral standards and contradict military orders.

The investigation is ongoing, and to date no further details have been provided about the suspicions. The IDF Spokesperson's Office said that upon completion of the investigation, its findings will be examined by the Military Advocate General's (MAG) Office.

The officer went on holiday following the opening of the investigation against him and requested that he leave the army soon.

The Chief Military Advocate General, Col. Ran Cohen, and Col. (res.) Avi Amiram, who represent Ben-Ami, stated, "Col. Yigal Ben-Ami is a distinguished officer and a veteran and esteemed commander who served flawlessly in the IDF for more than 30 years in field units and in the forefront of action."

"The officer is fully involved in the investigation, answered all the questions and presented in detail his answers, as well as evidence on his part that contradicts the suspicions, and we are convinced that the suspicions will be rejected and call for quick completion of the investigation."

"The officer asked to go on vacation in order to allow the investigation to be completed quickly without any interference, and his commanders agreed to the request and he thanked them for that," the two added.