Jews, get out of 'Palestine!'
Former Jordanian minister proposes 'peace deal'

Former Jordanian minister Salah Jarrar says Jews who arrived after 1917 should leave Israel, US and Britain compensate Arabs for 'damage.'

Shimon Cohen ,

Jordan protest (Archive)
Jordan protest (Archive)
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Former Jordanian Culture Minister Salah Jarrar, who serves as Vice President of Amman's University of Jordan, published an article in Al-Rai slamming US President Donald Trump's peace plan and suggesting "an alternative deal."

The article, which was translated by MEMRI, claimed that "that the more flexible and amenable the Arabs become, the more stubborn and arrogant the Zionists and their American allies become, to the point that they make demands that contradict all logic and every law and principle, and treat us as defeated, submissive and humiliated slaves."

Trump's deal, Jarrar claimed, tries "to impose a solution that satisfies them but does not meet a single one of our demands or restore a single one of our stolen Arab rights."

MEMRI noted that Jarrar also called on the Arabs to "end our silence and idleness and declare....that we will be the ones to choose the deal we want."

The proposed deal, Jarrar said, should include a clause stating that "all the Jews who came to Israel after the Balfour Declaration of 1917, as well as their children and descendants, will return to the countries from which they came, without taking anything with them."

"The Palestinian refugees will return to their homes," he continued, "and the US and Britain will compensate the Palestinians and the Arabs for the damage caused by the Zionist occupation" as well as for the "damage caused" by the "Zionist aggression" and for "hosting the Palestinian refugees."

Israel, meanwhile would "sign a document stating that they have no rights, historical or otherwise," and any Israelis who killed Palestinian Authority Arabs would be turned over to the PA and prosecuted, "to receive the punishment they deserve."

"Even if this plan does not seem feasible today, the Arabs must persist in making these demands, for these are their rights and they will eventually attain them," Jarrar added.