Nazi gift shop in Glasgow causes outrage

Residents of Glasgow horrified after man starts hawking Nazi paraphernalia.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Nazi boots
Nazi boots

Visitors to the Glasgow market in Scotland were shocked to see a man dressed in Nazi army uniform openly hawking souvenirs identified with the Nazi army.

Among other things, the "Nazi Soldier" offered to sell Nazi flags, helmets, bags and other products used by soldiers of the Nazi army during World War II. One critic said that "I am still horrified by the Nazi equipment sold so it was so blatant" while another critic said that "seeing the man in German army uniform made me shudder."

Avi Yad, president of the Jewish Council in Glasgow, warned against buying Nazi products on the local market. "Since Holocaust survivors and families of Holocaust survivors live in Glasgow, this stall and the sale of such souvenirs can cause great distress."

A spokesman for the local market responded by saying that "no one is interested in Nazi behavior, and the seller is only advertising the products he offers for sale."