Soldier demands one law for all

405th Artillery Corps Battalion soldier petitions Military Advocate General: Let me participate in Um al-Fahm 'Jewish Power' parade.

Mordechai Sones ,

Baruch Marzel (L), Itamar ben Gvir march in Umm el Fahm, 2009
Baruch Marzel (L), Itamar ben Gvir march in Umm el Fahm, 2009
Photo by Roni Schutzer/Flash90

A soldier from the 405th Artillery Corps Battalion last night petitioned the Military Advocate General's office to allow him to take part in an Otzmah Yehudit ("Jewish Power") march today in the city of Umm al-Fahm.

In a letter to Military Advocate General Sharon Afek the soldier said the event is a solidarity march for the memory of the two Druze policemen who were murdered in the Temple Mount attack.

Therefore, based on the precedent of the "pride" parade in which soldiers participated, marched, and were not punished, the soldier asks to establish "one law for all".

One law for all?
Flash 90

Otzmah Yehudit members will arrive in the city with Israeli flags and banners demanding closure of the mosque from which incitement that led to the Temple Mount murders took place.

Dr. Michael Ben-Ari said, "Today we will reach Umm al-Fahm to begin with a small step what should be a big step: a decision by the Israel Police to enforce the law in the city. We demand the police stop facilitating violations of the law in the city. Experience proves that when the police want to, they can. The mosque must be closed, the instigators arrested, and sovereignty restored in Umm al-Fahm."