Photos: IDF strikes targets in Gaza

IDF releases aerial photos of 12 targets struck by the IAF in Gaza in retaliation for rocket attacks on Israel.

Elad Benari ,

Site in Gaza attacked by IAF
Site in Gaza attacked by IAF
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit on Wednesday evening released aerial photos of the 12 targets that were struck by the IAF in Gaza in retaliation for the firing of dozens of rockets at southern Israel.

The targets include a tunnel-part and concrete factory, an offensive maritime terror tunnel shaft along the coast and several terror sites in military compounds throughout the Gaza Strip, among them rocket manufacturing facilities and a central logistical military complex.

The tunnel-part factory is a site which was intended to be used as a hotel, and was overtaken by the Hamas terror organization in 2012. The factory manufactures parts for offensive terror tunnels under civilian disguise.

Tunnel-part attacked by IDF. Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit
Rocket manufacturing facilities. Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit
Hamas central logistical military complex. Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit