Peru: 10 die at funeral

Peruvian Health Ministry says food poisoning which caused 10 deaths at a funeral may have been caused by insecticides.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Ten people have died from suspected food poisoning in Peru's southern Ayacucho region.

An additional 21 people have been hospitalized in serious condition, BBC said. The country's civil defense agency reported that 52 people were affected.

According to Peru's Health Minister Silvia Pessah, initial tests show that the poisoning was caused by the food - a meat stew, or a femented corn drink served at a funeral - coming into contact with insecticide.

However, specialists will have to perform tests in order to be certain.

BBC quoted San José de Ushua Mayor Iván Villagomez Llamoca as saying, "The whole village has been poisoned. I can't grasp it yet - I have lost my family. It's a huge tragedy, thank God I'm alive."

In a tweet, Pessah wrote, "My condolences and solidarity with the families of the deceased in Ayacucho, who died from suspected food poisoning."