Two IDF officers dismissed following training accidents

Two officers removed as commanders following serious training accidents in the elite Maglan unit of the IDF.

Uzi Baruch ,

Soldiers (illustration)
Soldiers (illustration)

Following serious training accidents in the elite Maglan unit of the IDF, two officers from the unit have been removed from their positions as team commanders.

The decision was made following an investigation conducted on Monday by the commander of the 98th Paratroopers Division, also known as the Fire Formation, Brigadier General Yaron Finkelman.

An investigation of the incident in which a combatant was injured during a Krav Maga exercise determined that the combatant was injured during a demonstration that was performed too forcefully and without protective equipment. Due to the incident, all Krav Maga training has been suspended until after professional training and a refresher of the orders.

The findings of the investigation led to the decision that the commander of the team of the combatant who was injured in the incident, Lieutenant G., will be removed from his position due to erroneous activity and negligence in the evacuation of the combatant after his injury.

The investigation of the second incident, in which a soldier jumped from a Hummer jeep, determined that the exercise was unnecessary and unprofessional.

In this incident, it was also decided to dismiss the commander of the team of the injured soldier, Lieutenant Y., due to his responsibility for the incident.

The commander of the company in which the two incidents took place, Captain R., was reprimanded. In addition, the findings of the investigations were transferred to the Judge Advocate General's Office in order to examine whether there is a need to open an investigation by the Military Police.