Jerusalem's Jewish Home Head: 'We have nothing against haredim'

The head of the Jewish Home's Jerusalem branch expressed her disapproval of a campaign photo showing 3 mayoral candidates in haredi garb.

Jonathan Benedek ,

מתוך המודעה הפרובוקטיבית
מתוך המודעה הפרובוקטיבית
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Head of the Jewish Home-National Union's Jerusalem branch, Hagit Moshe, stressed that she has absolutely no qualms with the haredi community.

"We have nothing against the haredim,” she insisted in an interview with Israel National News. “On the contrary, in my position as Chair of the Finance Committee, I have not deprived a single sector, and my haredi members know this better than anyone else.”

Moshe’s remarks were made after a campaign photo by the Jewish Home-National Union list surfaced showing headshots of the three top candidates for mayor, Likud Minister Ze’ev Elkin, Moshe Leon and Ofer Berkovich wearing haredi hats and peos (side-curls).

The message of the photo on the ad was that each of the three candidates would prioritize the interests of Jerusalem’s haredi community.

Hagit Moshe expressed her own disapproval of the photo.

"Yes, some of you are 'really shocked' by the picture that was proposed to accompany the campaign, but I did not like her, so I ordered it to be removed.”

Nevertheless, she explained the rationale behind the picture.

“The main question of the election campaign is how will you see the next city council? Why is religious Zionism being dragged and not taking command?”

“The real battle is over the composition of the next coalition - no matter who the mayor is,” she continued. “Elkin, Leon or Berkowitz - each of them will be under pressure from the council. They are courting the haredi voice.”