Yair Netanyahu launches attack on the Left

Prime Minister's son says Left hyprocrites for opposing Nationality Bill, says they are 'Bolsheviks'.

Tzvi Lev ,

Yair Netanyahu
Yair Netanyahu
Flash 90

Prime Minister Netanyahu's son Yair launched a scathing attack on the Left, saying that their opposition to the Nationality Law is "hypocritical".

Writing on Facebook, Yair said that "the nastiness of the Bolsheviks from the Left, with their calls of 'Nazism and fascism words the right, (the real liberal camp in Israel) are not anything new", pointing out that "they also called Jabotinsky 'Vladimir Hitler'".

Unlike his younger brother Avner, Yair has emerged as politically active who promotes strong right-wing views. Yair is currently embroiled in a lawsuit with the left-wing Molad group and works as the social media manager for Shurat Hadin, a legal organization which works to fight terror and terror supporters.

The saga started last August after a Facebook page run by the left-wing group "61" said that Yair is milking the taxpayers due to the high cost of his personal security, taking exorbitant ski vacations, and his ties to billionaire tycoon James Packer, who is currently under investigation by Israel Police for gifts he allegedly lavished on the Prime Minister.

Yair Netanyahu responded by strongly criticizing the organization, posting on Facebook that "Molad is a radical, anti-Zionist organization funded by the Foundation for the Destruction of Israel and the European Union.”

He also took a swipe at the offspring of previous Prime Ministers. asking "Why has no one talked about the son of Ariel Sharon, who was sent to prison? Why has no one talked about Ehud Olmert's son, who had an affair with a Palestinian and its implications for national security? Why has no one discussed how Shimon Peres's son accidentally killed another soldier and then hushed up the affair?"