Justice Minister's husband steps out of the shadows

Justice Minister Shaked joins her husband on his last flight as an IAF pilot, offers congratulations on social media.

Hezki Baruch ,

IAF F-16
IAF F-16
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Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked's (Jewish Home) husband Ofer Shaked is celebrating the completion of 26 years of IDF service, in which he flew over 5,000 flights as an IAF pilot.

Despite his wife's political career, Ofir had never appeared publicly, due to his role in the Air Force.

On Friday, Ofir flew his last flight in an F-16I, accompanied by his wife. Beginning on Sunday, he will serve as an instructor in the Air Force's flight school.

"Ofir, my dear husband, flew for the last time in an F16I on Friday," the Justice Minister wrote on Facebook. "After 26 years and over 5,000 flights, it's time to give younger people a chance, to allow them to do some of the work."

"I applaud you! And I applaud the Bat Squadron (the 119th Squadron - ed.)."