Kinneret swimmers swept hundreds of meters and rescued

Police report long list of Sea of Galilee swimmers drifting far from coast, urge visitors to follow recommendations to prevent disasters.

Mordechai Sones ,

Rescue forces search scene where three young men went missing in Kinneret
Rescue forces search scene where three young men went missing in Kinneret
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Police rescued a number of Kinneret visitors in danger of drowning or in distress after floating away on inflatable devices a long distance from shore without being able to return and with no means of rescue.

A 28-year-old man was spotted by a naval patrol boat about 600 meters from the shoreline after being swept on an inflatable boat and when he tried to return, the oar broke. The ship brought him back to shore.

A 30-year-old woman drifted on a mattress about two kilometers from the coastline. She was located by a civilian and naval police vessel.

A boy and girl aged 13 and 10 were swept away with an inflatable tube and life jacket about 400 meters from shore. Police spotted them before reports of their absence were received. They were drawn from the water and transferred to shore.

Dangerous undertow

Two men aged 30 and 40 drifted on a rubber boat about 600 meters from the coastline. They were located and towed by a naval patrol boat.

A man of about 50 was swept on an inner-tube about 800 meters from the coast and was spotted by a naval patrol boat, and a man of about 30 was drifting on an inner-tube about 100 meters from the shoreline, was spotted by a naval patrol boat and accompanied until his return to the beach.

The police ask the public to adhere to safety directives to prevent disasters. "The recommendations and instructions we provide the public are the result of accumulated experience from hundreds of rescue incidents, some of which resulted in loss of human life. The sequence of events that almost ended in tragedy last month shows that some members of the public don't listen to recommendations and find themselves in life-threatening situations. Discipline and personal responsibility save lives."

Police guidelines:

Personal responsibility should be exercised to enter the water on declared beaches only and during rescue services' working hours.

Do not enter deep water due to the risk of drifting.

Do not enter water on buoyancy devices - inner-tubes, rubber boats, or sea mattresses - due to the risk of drifting.

It is best to leave a friend watching on the beach with a phone in case of distress.

As a general rule, it is advisable not to enter the water alone (especially small children), but accompanied by another person.

For those engaged in water sports (surfboards, parachutes, motorcycles, etc.) - during operation, the safety belt must be secured.

For those sailing on Lake Kinneret, a mobile phone must be equipped with a full battery, and in case of any problem or danger, police must be notified as soon as possible.

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