Polish ambassador says he is learning Hebrew

New Polish ambassador to Israel tells President Rivlin that he is learning Hebrew.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rivlin with the Polish ambassador
Rivlin with the Polish ambassador

Polish Ambassador Marek Majewski praised the Hebrew language while presenting his credentials to President Reuven Rivlin on Thursday.

"Today is a very important and special day for me, for my wife, my family and for Poland, we can open a new chapter in our relationship," the Polish ambassador said in Hebrew and revealed that he had been learning the language for several months.

"In the center of Warsaw, I hear quite a bit of Hebrew from the younger generation, and this is very encouraging for me when I think about our future relationship," he said. "We will continue to focus on cooperation in the many fields in which we work together."

"The common history of our people is a thousand years old, and along with successful cooperation there are differences of opinion, and we will leave historical research to historians, and the future is important for our two countries."

President Rivlin also received the credentials of the new ambassadors from Uzbekistan, Chile South Sudan and San Marino on Thursday at an official ceremony at the President's Residence.

When the ambassadors arrived, their national anthem was played by the police orchestra, and afterwards the ambassadors reviewed the IDF's honor guard, and after the letter was submitted to the President, each of the ambassadors signed the Guest Book of the President's Residence.