Liberman and Gabbay trade barbs on Twitter

After Defense Minister wonders why people are leaving the Labor party, its chairman fires back.

Elad Benari,


Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman and Labor chairman Avi Gabbay traded barbs on Twitter on Tuesday.

The back-and-forth began when Liberman tweeted, "I know areas in Syria from which people are running away less than from the Labor party - what is happening there on the Israeli left?"

It appears as though Liberman was referring to the resignation of MK Zouheir Bahloul over the Nationality Law and the suspension of MK Eitan Broshi over allegations of inappropriate behavior.

Gabbay was quick to fire back at Liberman, writing, "Maybe, but we will agree that Igor the driver and the other witnesses fled the country much more quickly.”

He was apparently referring to Igor Schneider, who worked for years as Liberman’s personal driver and was suspected of acting as the straw man who officially controlled the Mountain View company, while in reality it was under Liberman's control. Liberman, while having been repeatedly interrogated for corruption, was never convicted.

Liberman later replied to Gabbay and wrote, "Mr. Gabbay, how is the assistant, could she not get you a forged document from the Director of Security of the Defense Establishment that you are prime minister? By the way, Igor visits Israel often - I would be happy to arrange a meeting with him for you."

Liberman in the first part of his remark was referring to suspicions that a young aide to Gabbay forged a document from the Director of Security of the Defense Establishment in order to allow her to bring a mobile phone to a preventive driving course.