'Nothing wrong with putting Jewish State in writing'

Congressional Candidate Ameer Benno says non-Jews should be brought to Israel to see how BDS, anti-Israel movements lie.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Congressman Ameer Benno
Congressman Ameer Benno
Itzik Nissim

US Congressional Candidate Ameer Benno (R-NY) spoke on Monday night at a conference hosted by Arutz Sheva and organized by Dr. Joseph Frager.

"To bring people here who are not Jewish and to make them ambassadors for Israel back to the United States is critically important," Benno, who was born to Israeli parents, said. "Because when they come here and they see how wonderful this country is and they see how well it treats its people and the equality, the nonsense that you hear from the left about the BDS movement, about what they're doing and what their objectives are, it's malarkey. And the light has to be shined on how foolish that is."

"Israel should always be and always will be the homeland of the Jewish people, and there is nothing wrong with putting that down in writing. And for those who say that we can say it but we can;t write it, I say that's foolish," he said.

"And beyond that, Jerusalem should always and will always be the undivided capital of the Jewish people," he added.