'Law: Not $1 of US funding for UN organizations which accept PA'

Professor Eugene Kontorovich addresses Arutz Sheva conference, says under US law several UN agencies must be defunded.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Professor Eugene Kontorovich at Arutz Sheva conference
Professor Eugene Kontorovich at Arutz Sheva conference
Itzik Nissim

Professor Eugene Kontorovich spoke on Monday night at a conference hosted by Arutz Sheva and organized by Dr. Joseph Frager.

Dr. Kontorovich addressed the controversy surrounding the recently-passed Nationality Law and the balance of power between the Supreme Court and the other branches of government in Israel.

He called on the American government to enforce laws banning US government funding to international organizations which admit the 'State of Palestine' as a member.

"In 1994, Congress passed a law that says any UN-affiliated agency that accepts the PLO as a member is not eligible for US funding. This law - unlike many such laws - is non-waivable, is not optional, it is completely mandatory.

"In the last years of the Obama Administration, the Palestinians went ahead and they did join such a UN organization. And the Obama State Department came up with a fairly convoluted excuse to not cut off funding.

"Of course, that sets a very bad precedent. And since then, especially in the wake of the moving of the US embassy, the Palestinians have retaliated by joining three more US agencies, and the United States continues to fund [those agencies]. The law says not one dollar of taxpayer funding."