'Strengthen Adam with 1,000 units'

Agriculture minister calls for three-pronged response to murderous attack in Binyamin town, blaming PA chairman for encouraging terror acts.

Hezki Baruch ,

Uri Ariel
Uri Ariel
Flash 90

Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel referred this morning, Sunday, at the entrance to the cabinet meeting to the terror attack in Adam in which Yotam Ovadia was murdered and two others wounded. "We paid a condolence call to the Ovadia family yesterday in Adam," he said.

"Israel's response should be quick and clear on three levels: supporting the family, strengthening settlement by building 1,000 housing units and more, and closing the village from which two murderers came, a year ago the murderer of the Salomon family in Neve Tzuf and now in Adam."

"Lack of determination on these issues will lead to additional disasters," he said. "I call upon the defense minister and the prime minister to deal with the matter."

"There has been incitement here for years, Abbas’ support for terrorists and their families, and this clearly leads to the empowerment of those terrorists," Ariel added.

Regarding reports of talks with Hamas on a ceasefire in Gaza, Ariel said, "There should be no ceasefire, the fire should be stopped by the fact that Israel brings the other side to its knees.”