New campaign:
'The goal of the NIF - to harm religious Zionism'

New campaign by Chotam organization launches today, presenting proofs that NIF is targeting various arms of religious Zionism.

Hezki Baruch ,

In the crosshairs
In the crosshairs

The Chotam organization, which fights for Jewish values in the Israeli public arena, is launching a new campaign aimed at exposing the concerted effort of the New Israel Fund (NIF), through the many organizations it supports, to harm religious Zionism and its various branches.

The initiators of the campaign note that the NIF is taking action against the Jewish Home party, as well as against the flagship institutions of religious Zionism, such as the "Bnei David" institutions in Eli, against which “The Secular Forum” started a campaign calling for the end of the government's financial support for the institutions.

As a result, Chotam decided to embark on a public campaign to shed light on the attempts to undermine religious Zionism.

"The NIF has set itself the goal of eliminating the pillars of religious Zionism, and we must put an end to this once and for all. The time has come for us to wake up and present the truth and the entire spectrum of the fund's activities against the national religious public. We must take care that the NIF and its various organizations do not destroy the blessed activity over the years of religious Zionist institutions.”

As part of the campaign, the organization produced a booklet detailing how the NIF operates in an organized manner against religious Zionism and its representatives.