'Yotam fought the terrorist and saved lives'

Security source: Yotam Ovadia, murdered in town of Adam, fought the terrorist, thus preventing him from entering nearby playground.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Terror victim Yotam Ovadia
Terror victim Yotam Ovadia
Courtesy of family

Hundreds of family members, friends and acquaintances attended the funeral of Yotam Ovadia, 31, murdered by a terrorist in a stabbing attack on Thursday night. Yotam was buried at Givat Shaul cemetery in Jerusalem, leaving two young children, Harel and Itai, and his wife, Tal.

A security source told the bereaved family that Yotam fought with the terrorist and thus delayed him and prevented him from entering the homes and the playground adjacent to the area of ​​the attack.

"I always told him, 'You're my one and only,’" his widow Tal told Yediot Aharonot last night. "I do not know what will happen to me now regarding the children. I do not know how to continue to be strong for the children. We were everything to him, the house was his kingdom. Yotam was a humble and modest working man. He loved me and the children in a way I never saw. Everything he did was only for us. He always made sure it was good. He always put himself last. "

She added that on the day he was murdered, Yotam came from work with a bouquet of flowers and chocolates for her. “We took a picture, and it was happy. After I put the children to bed, he went to fetch ingredients from his parents, but he did not get to them," she said. "Whatever I wanted and asked for, he did, and loved me in a way that does not exist. He fulfilled my every dream."

Asaf Ravid, the wounded man who eliminated the terrorist, reconstructed the moments of terror: "I went out for a bike ride and in my bag there is always a pistol. I heard shouts, and then the terrorist appeared in front of me. Within two seconds, he took out a knife from his pocket and stabbed me in the shoulder. I fled from him, and during the flight, I took the pistol out of my bag, and he was standing near me. He realized he had no chance. I shot him once and he kept approaching, and then I fired two more times and he fell."