Post-Holocaust suitcase comes to Israel

Rabbi Kenneth Brander describes making Aliyah with suitcase his parents took from DP camp after the Holocaust.

Orly Harari ,

Rabbi Kenneth Brander makes aliyah
Rabbi Kenneth Brander makes aliyah
Shahar Azran

Rabbi Kenneth Brander, the new head of the Ohr Torah Stone Yeshiva network, made aliyah (moved to Israel) this week.

"When my father and his family came after the Holocaust from a DP camp," Rabbi Brander told Arutz Sheva at the airport Wednesday.

"They were given one suitcase to pack with from the US Army. We're bringing this suitcase to its final journey. We're bringing it to Israel."

He said that he looked forward to "continuing the legacy of Rabbi [Shlomo] Riskin," the outgoing leader of Ohr Torah Stone and one of the leading religious Zionist figures in Israel.