$27,000 in illegal contraband seized

Border Police arrest Arabs smuggling hundreds of pounds of meat, hundreds of other goods into Israel.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

some of the seized contraband
some of the seized contraband
Police spokesperson

Border Police officers operating against the smuggling of goods and food from the Judea and Samaria area found and seized contraband worth an estimated NIS 100,000 ($27,000) over the past week.

Among the contraband were 300 kilograms of meat, 200 perfume bottles, toys, watches, sunglasses, dozens of illegally transported gas containers and other goods that were brought into Israel illegally.

Focused activity was carried out in the roads adjacent to the town of Barter. One of the vehicles was found to contain some 200 fake perfumes bearing the names of leading brands, dozens of toys, sunglasses and watches that the suspects tried to smuggle into Israel. Two suspects were detained for questioning, an Israeli Arab and a Palestinian Arab.

In another car that was stopped, 13 crates containing about 300 kg (660 pounds) of smuggled meat were found, and a driver from Haifa was arrested for questioning.

In two other cases, two vehicles were found, transporting about 30 gas tanks under conditions that could endanger the lives of other motorists. One person was arrested for questioning and the vehicle was confiscated.