Adam terror victim is Yotam Ovadia

Security forces identify murdered terror victim, condition of wounded victims improves.

Orly Harari ,

Terror victim Yotam Ovadia
Terror victim Yotam Ovadia
Courtesy of family

Yotam Ovadia, 31, has been identified as the victim of Thursday night's terror attack in the Jerusalem-area town of Adam.

Ovadia is survived by a wife and two small children: 2-year-old Harel and 7-month-old Itai.

His funeral will take place on Friday in Givat Shaul at 1:00p.m.

In the attack, a 17-year-old terrorist from the Palestinian Authority-controlled town of Kobar killed Ovadia and wounded two others.

The 58-year-old wounded in the attack is in moderate condition and improved overnight. The 41-year-old wounded lightly in the attack was released from the hospital.

Initial investigations show that terrorist Tarak Da'ar Yousef entered the town after jumping over the security fence. Upon entry, he stabbed two people as they sat outside a home.

A neighbor who happened to pass by came over to the injured men, assuming there had been an argument. After he himself was stabbed, he fired his weapon three times and eliminated the terrorist. According to an eyewitness, a passing car hit the terrorist at that moment.

Due to concerns that there may have been an additional terrorist, Adam residents were requested to remain inside their homes until security forces had completed the first stage of their search.

The IDF later decided to reinforce the Central Command soldiers in the area, adding two additional battalions.

On Thursday night, Binyamin Regional Council Head Avi Roeh said, "A short while ago, there was a near-fatal terror attack here. Right now we are praying for the welfare and recovery of those injured. There are those who remind us that the war here is not over and that our neighbors' entire goal is to harm and murder Jews and Israelis."