Cleared for publication: David's Sling interceptor fell in Syria

One of the interceptors fired at a Syrian missile landed in Syria - without intercepting its target.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

David's Sling interceptor
David's Sling interceptor
Photo by Ministry of Defense/Flash90

It has been disclosed that the second David's Sling interceptor missile launched on Monday fell in Syrian territory - and did not hit the SS-21 ballistic missiles launched in the direction of Israel.

The Syrian SS-21 Tochka missiles carried warheads with half a ton of explosives each, and had a range of 100 kilometers. It is estimated that they were fired as part of Syria's infighting, and not aimed directly at Israel.

There is concern in Israel that the missile will enable the Syrians to learn about the sophisticated interceptor and the David Sling system.

The investigation also showed that "David's Sling" did not intercept the missiles, which fell in Syrian territory.

David's Sling (also known as "Magic Wand") is designed to provide an extra level of defense against medium range and short range rockets and missiles, as well as providing additional opportunities to intercept beyond those of the Arrow, thus creating a more comprehensive anti-missile defense system for the State of Israel.