Half-brothers meet for first time in 51 years

DNA test reunites half-brothers separated at the younger sibling's birth.

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Reunification (illustrative)
Reunification (illustrative)

Two half-brothers in their fifties met for the first time since the younger brother's birth, thanks to a DNA-matching test by the Israeli MyHeritage company.

The story began in the 1960s, when the boys' mother had a stroke while pregnant with the younger brother. When the baby, Richard Emery (51), was born, he was put up for adoption. Paul Hannon, 58, said he knew his mother had placed the baby for adoption, but they had never spoken about the topic.

Several years ago, Emery began searching for his elder brother, but knew nothing other than the fact that he had been born in Connecticut: The adoption agency had given him only vague details about his true identity.

:Last year, Emery saw a TV show which mentioned MyHeritage, and decided to order the kit.

The results showed a strong connection to a Connecticut woman whom he did not know, and who turned out to be his cousin. Through her, Emery was able to connect with his brother, leading to their first-ever meeting in Hannon's home.