Watch: J'lem mayoral candidate rescues surrounded haredi soldier

Evyatar Elbaz helps rescue haredi soldier attacked in haredi neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Mordechai Sones ,

Evyatar Elbaz
Evyatar Elbaz

Meorav Yerushalmi ("Mixed Jerusalem") list Chairman Evyatar Elbaz was involved yesterday in the rescue of a haredi soldier who was attacked in Jerusalem's Kikar Shabbat.

Elbaz, who was in the midst of election campaigning, described in a conversation with Arutz Sheva the chain of events. "I began to see a gathering of haredi extremists around a haredi soldier walking in the street, who began spitting at me, swearing 'Nazi' at him and cursing him, and hurling objects at him, and immediately I ran rescued him from the angry crowd.

"It's shocking to see these sights and to hear these voices on the eve of the Ninth of Av," Elbaz concluded.