IDF deploys missile defense system in Tel Aviv area

Follow escalation with Gaza terror groups, IDF deploys extra Iron Dome missile defense batteries to Tel Aviv area, southern Israel.

David Rosenberg,

Iron Dome anti-missile system
Iron Dome anti-missile system
Defense Ministry spokesperson

צה"ל מתגבר סוללות "כיפת ברזל"

The IDF is beefing up its missile defense systems in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area and in southern Israel, following an escalation in tensions along the Gaza border over the weekend.

According to an IDF spokesperson on Sunday, the military has deployed additional Iron Dome air defense batteries in the Gush Dan region in central Israel, and in the south.

“In accordance with the situation assessment, the IDF reinforced its Iron Dome aerial defense batteries in the area of Gush Dan in central Israel and in southern Israel,” the spokesperson said.

The IDF has also called up reserve soldiers to bolster its air defense networks.

“A limited amount of reserve soldiers were summoned to reinforce the Aerial Defense Command.”

“The IDF is determined to continue to defend Israeli civilians and is prepared for a wide variety of scenarios, which may intensify according to the situation assessment and the operational requirements.”

Terrorists operating out of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip fired closed to 200 rockets at Israeli towns on Friday and Saturday.

Four Israelis were injured when a rocket hit their home.

At least 20 of the rockets were shot down by Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system, and another 73 fell in open fields.

Following the rocket attacks, the IDF struck dozens of terrorist positions across the Gaza Strip.