Senior air force official:
'We attacked infrastructure - not terrorists'

Official summarizes attacks on Gaza. 'We attacked some surprising targets. We did not use all our force.'

Kobi Finkler ,

Gaza strikes
Gaza strikes
Flash 90

A senior air force official summarized Sunday the string of attacks carried out by the air force over the weekend in the Gaza Strip.

"We have been preparing for months for the possibility of escalation with a wide range of targets," the source explained. "We attacked a number of surprising targets, such as two offensive tunnels, a battalion compound, and the attacks were in the light of day, which was exceptional."

Later, the official referred to the attack on the building which was, in the past, the “Palestinian National Library.”

"The structure that we attacked was once a public building and they turned it into a training structure, including the offensive tunnel below," he said.

"It's challenging because the enemy is advancing and we need to develop capabilities that will allow us to do it always with the aim of avoiding harm to the uninvolved," the official said. "At the end of the week, it was defined for us to harm Hamas' infrastructure and not terrorist operatives."

"We did not use all the force during the weekend, we are very prepared. We have dozens of targets and planned armament, with precise intelligence and in very good coordination with Southern Command," the official said.

The official noted that in addition to the aforementioned targets, many other targets were attacked, such as military camps, command offices, and targets that harmed Hamas' military echelon and its buildup.

"We worked more than 24 hours in a very professional atmosphere and with control cells working day and night. There were many challenges, and we are prepared for what lies ahead.”