Kish versus Mandelblit: 'We will end the disgrace'

MK responds to AG, who withheld law enforcement officials from hearing on conflict of interest in investigations of PM.

Hezki Baruch ,

Yoav Kish
Yoav Kish
Miriam Alster/Flash90

MK Yoav Kish (Likud) responded to the attorney general, who today, Thursday, instructed law enforcement representatives - the State Prosecutor's Office, Israel Police and police investigations department (Mahash) - not to appear before the committee on the connection between Major General Roni Ritman and the prime minister's investigations .

"In recent months, there have been many rumors about the statements of Major General Ritman in Mahash. Two days ago, with the publication in Haaretz, the rumors were over and these were facts. In unambiguous transcripts from an investigation of a former commander of the former Lahav 433 commander. From the moment I set the meeting, elements in the law enforcement system tried to stop it and cancel it. Officials tasked with law enforcement are trying to cancel a debate in the Israeli Knesset with false, even embarrassing, allegations of bias or damage to the investigation being conducted," Kish said.

He added that "there are countless examples of discussions that the Knesset held in every term on real-time matters such as tenders or appointments that were about to be made and decisions that were about to be made, and no one stopped them. When talking about corruption of investigations against Netanyahu, suddenly it’s forbidden. It raises suspicions.”

"The United States is a democracy no less significant than Israel, where congressional committees have discussions which here look like a democratic achievement or a democratic nightmare, depending on who you ask. They hold live hearings with the president's interrogators about their tweets during an ongoing investigation. So for fear of corruption of investigations - no? I will not allow this silencing. The Knesset has a duty to supervise the conduct of law enforcement agencies in the present case as well,” the MK added.

He warned that if there was no discussion with law enforcement agencies, there would be no choice but to circumvent them. "The prime minister has the right to be interrogated without any conflict of interest. I call and will work next week already to establish an independent commission of inquiry to examine the corruption of the investigations against the prime minister and his wife."

"Rotman's conflict of interests must be checked, and can it really be said that this is only in this case? What about Ruth David, what about Ronal Fisher? What about Bruno Stein? What’s happening in Mahash? Anyone who does not want a discussion in the Interior Committee will receive a state commission of inquiry. Only an independent committee that will arrive at the truth will prove to the public whether the hands of the enforcement agencies are free of any bias and improper interests. And if not, it will act to punish those who defrauded and dirtied the investigation. "

He added, “Harming the honor of the Knesset has significance. And in order to end the disgrace that senior officials do not come to the Knesset when they feel like it, I will again submit the legislation that prescribes personal punishment, and I am certain that no minister will stop it this time."