IDF fires on balloon arsonists, captures infiltrator

Infiltrator caught with explosives attempting to attack IDF troops as aircraft fires at terrorists launching arson balloons.

Gary Willig ,

materials found on terrorist
materials found on terrorist
IDF spokesperson

Earlier today, an IDF aircraft fired near a group of Gazans who were launching arson balloons in the southern Gaza Strip.

In addition, IDF troops detected a suspect who attempted to cross the security fence from the southern Gaza Strip in order to sabotage security infrastructure and attack IDF troops. The suspect was caught with combustible materials and a metal cutter and was transferred to security forces for further questioning.

Terrorists from the Gaza Strip have launched arson balloons and kites at Israeli territory for the last several months, burning thousands of acres of Israeli and and causing extensive damage to fields, crops, and nature reserves.

The IDF has stated that it holds the Hamas terrorist organization responsible for all acts of terrorism which originate in Gaza, which is under Hamas' rule.