Ground shakes again in Tiberias area

Ninth earthquake in recent days felt this evening near Sea of Galilee. Quake measured 3.2, with no casualties or damage.

Mordechai Sones ,


An earthquake of 3.2 magnitude was felt this evening in the area of Tiberias. No injuries or damage were reported.

This is the ninth earthquake felt in the area in recent days. Today, Home Front Command teams have begun mapping the dangerous structures in the city, which are liable to be hit by a strong earthquake.

In recent days, city residents reported damage caused to various buildings due to the wave of earthquakes. These are mainly minor damages.

The Defense Ministry announced earlier this week it will hold a special conference to plan protection against earthquakes. The next day the Knesset's Home Front Subcommittee will convene and discuss earthquake preparations.

Last night an earthquake of 3.4 magnitude was felt in the area of the Sea of Galilee. Previously there were three quakes, the strongest of which was 3.9.

Earthquake resistant building