Interior Committee approves gun regulations

Significant changes to original Internal Security Ministry Committee proposal; MK Kish: 'For 1st time, gun holders skill will be examined.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Shooting range
Shooting range
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The Internal Affairs Committee headed by MK Yoav Kish (Likud) approved personal firearm training program regulations today, after introducing substantial amendments to the Internal Security Ministry proposals.

The Internal Security Ministry has sought to change the training requirement from once every three years as it stands today to once a year.

"We produced a much better product than the original Ministry proposal," said committee Chairman MK Kish. "There will be a significant addition to the training before receiving a new license, and for the first time there is also a reference to the percentage of hits and training effectiveness."

Shooting range

Kish proposed an outline in which he accepted the Internal Security Ministry's proposal that from now on a new weapon license-holder will be required to undergo 4.5 hours of training and shoot 100 bullets (instead of 50 currently), and then be given a three-year license.

During the licence's second year he will have to undergo a refresher course with 30 bullets and without learning theory - and not training once every two-years as the Ministry proposed. A new license-holder will also be required to pass a 10-question theory test with a score of at least 70.

The Internal Security Ministry will report to the Internal Affairs Committee a year after the law comes into effect on the percentage of those receiving a license versus the number of applicants, ie, how many failed the tests, to examine whether the new requirements fulfilled their task.