Supreme Court approves return of terrorist bodies

Judges rule decision to return bodies consistent with cabinet decision and criteria set forth therein, therefore no reason to intervene.

Mordechai Sones ,

Flash 90

Supreme Court Justices Neil Hendel, Uri Shoham, and Yosef Elron confirmed today the State's decision to return three bodies held by security forces.

Two of the bodies are of terrorists shot to death during attempted attacks, and the other was a suspect shot while being apprehended.

According to the State, these bodies do not meet conditions set forth in the cabinet decision of January 2017, and therefore there is no reason to prevent them from being returned to their families.

The Goldin family, who filed the petition against the return of the bodies, in response to the State's announcement that it intends to return the bodies, noted that they do not have the intelligence information to examine the State's announcement, and asked that "in order to have partial review of the respondents' actions", the court should examine the issue, "even ex parte, and on the basis of the confidential material that the respondents will present."

Moreover, they claim returning bodies should be conditioned on the promise that this will not create a "media festival" that strengthens Hamas.

After the confidential material was submitted to the Supreme Court justices, the judges ruled that "a review of the decision indicates the decision to return the bodies is in accordance with the Cabinet's decision and the criteria set forth therein."