Four of trapped Thailand children 'on their way out'

All 13 trapped in Thailand took diving course. Release of first group expected to continue until evening.

Mordechai Sones ,

Military personnel are seen in front of the Tham Luang cave
Military personnel are seen in front of the Tham Luang cave
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Four of the 12 children trapped in a cave in Chiang Rai in northern Thailand for two weeks are on their way out of the cave, according to Australian

Rescue effort commander, Chiang Rai Acting Governor Narongsk Ostenkon said if the four were successfully rescued, they could emerge from the cave at 9 pm local time - 5 pm Israel time.

According to him, the trapped children are aware of the efforts to rescue them. "Everyone is aware of the mission and ready to go out; today is the Day of Judgment."

All those trapped - including the children's 25-year-old trainer - took a crash course in using diving equipment days prior to the trek. Eighteen divers, five of them Thais and the rest foreigners, entered the cave system at 10:00 am local time. Each child will be joined by two divers who will accompany him on his way out.

In the meantime, torrential rain began to pound the site, compounding the effort's urgency, because of the danger the cave system will fill with water.

The boys all belong to a local football team. They entered the cave on June 23 as part of a hike, and advanced more than 1.8 kilometers into the cave when rain flooded it and they were trapped inside.