Moshe Leon:
'Keeping Jews in the House of Seven'

Jerusalem Mayoral candidate visits Jewish home in largely Arab neighborhood of Beit Hanina, vows to help residents.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Leon visits the shiva house
Leon visits the shiva house
Leon headquarters

Moshe Leon, a candidate for mayor of Jerusalem and a member of the municipal administration, arrived Thursday for a visit to the 'House of Seven' in the Arab neighborhood of Beit Hanina in northern Jerusalem.

The house is named for the seven Jewish families that moved into the building in 1968

Upon his arrival on the tour, Leon received an overview of the situation of the house and was happy to hear about the entry of three new young families into the compound, impressed by the dedication and willingness of the residents to live in a neighborhood of mostly Arab residents.

Leon received an extensive survey of the location, their daily conduct, their plans for further development of the neighborhood and their neighbors, and met the writer and fighter Lehi Ezra Yachin.

Yachin, who gave many lectures to IDF soldiers over the years, told of his childhood, and of how his family was saved from the brutal lynching of an Arab mob during the 1929 riots.

Yachin also told city councilor Moshe Leon about his experiences as a young fighter in the Lehi and how who was seriously wounded during the War of Independence when he and his soldiers fought in the Old City.

Leon listened eagerly to the story of Yachin's life and the decision to establish the House of Seven. According to Leon, "the House of Seven in Beit Hanina is a very important point of settlement that has been in existence for decades."

"It is necessary to know her, to protect her, and to ensure the welfare and quality of life of the residents of the compound as much as possible, and so will I act immediately after my election as mayor," Leon said.