Zionist Union drama:
Livni threatens, Gabbay evades

Livni demands opposition chairwomanship after Herzog's retirement, declaring it only way to continue partnership with Labor Party.

Mordechai Sones ,

Flash 90

"Zionist Camp Movement" Chairwoman MK Tzipi Livni demands to be appointed Opposition Chairwoman, hinting this is a condition for continued partnership between the Movement's party and the Labor party.

"Opposition leadership is essential for continuing the partnership and can be a great opportunity to strengthen the partnership and make decisions about the future," Livni said today at a "Zionist Union" faction meeting.

Labor Party and Zionist Union Chairman Avi Gabbay told reporters present: "I won't answer questions on the subject."

Gabbay, Herzog
Flash 90

MK Yitzchak Herzog, who will resign from opposition chairmanship to lead the Jewish Agency, supported Livni's candidacy. In an interview with Radio 103, he was asked who he believed should replace him as Opposition Chairman, and replied: "Tzipi Livni. I also understand Avi Gabbai's desire to clarify the Labor Party's role in this partnership and how he's supported as Zionist Union head. They have a month to discuss the issue.

"In the end Livni will remain Avi Gabbay's number 2. There was an understanding between us that when one resigns the other replaces - I don't know what the two will decide between them," said Herzog.