Italian Art, Literature and Music award to Dr. Inna Rogatchi

Rogatchi Foundation president, Dr. Inna Rogatchi awarded the Italian National Art, Literature and Music X Il Volo di Pegaso Award.

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Rogatchi's Talking to the Heights art work , her homage to S.Y. Agnon
Rogatchi's Talking to the Heights art work , her homage to S.Y. Agnon
Courtesy of Inna Rogatchi

Co-founder and President of the Rogatchi Foundation, Dr Inna Rogatchi, artist, historian and philanthropist who is also an op-ed contributor to Arutz Sheva, has been awarded the Italian National X Il Volo di Pegaso Art, Literature and Music Award in the Fine Art Photography category, for the second time in a row. This year, she won it for her art work, "Talking to the Heights. Homage to S.Y. Agnon," the great writer and Nobel laureate. The work is the part of the Inna Rogatchi's Horizon Beyond Horizon cultural and education project.

The tenth ceremony of the granting of the prestigious award, under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Culture and Tourism, ​took place this month at the Museo delle Civilca in Rome.

To celebrate the jubilee of the prestigious Award, a special conference was held in Rome with presentations by leading Italian scientists, writers and art personalities, including the head of the Italian National Institute for Rare Diseases Professor Domenica Taruscio, director of the Museo delle Civilca Gianfranco Calandra, leading European neuro-scientist Professor Antonio Federico, well-known anthropologist and writer Cristina Cenci, professor Vincenza Ferrara, leading art curator Sveva Mandfredi Zavaglia, and many others.

The topics of their presentations were connections between visual arts, music, literature and poetry and the functioning of the human brain, psychology and behavior.

Dr Rogatchi gave a presentation on the connection between time, history, culture, music, and human morality. She presented excerpts from her 18-years of research on her family, the Rose-Mahler musical dynasty and the connection to the great Italian master of instruments Guiseppe Batista Guidagnani. The collective member of the Award jury in year 2018 was well-known Quartetto Guadagnini, named after the same master.

Dr Rogatchi showed the special illustration of the famous musical instrument she had been tracing as a part of her research for many years. The violin, known today as Guadagnini Alma Rose, had been made by the master in Milan in 1757. It was the instrument which belonged to the Rose family whose father Arnold Rose was the famous head of the Vienna Opera Orchestra for over 50 years and the founder of the famous Rose Quartet.

On behalf of her husband, renowned artist Michael and herself, and on behalf of The Rogatchi Foundation, Dr Rogatchi presented her special art work to professor Domenica Taruscio, director of the Italian National Institute for Rare Diseases and founder of the Il Volo di Pegaso Award.

The work in question is the Inna Rogatchi's portrait of yet another great and unique Italian violin, the one made by great Nicolo Amati in the XVII century. The work's name is Sounds of Eternity, dedicated to the Rose-Mahler musical family and part of Inna Rogatchi's Shining Souls. Champions of Humanity project, exhibited widely internationally.

Both Shining Souls. Champions of Humanity and Horizon Beyond Horizon are parts of The Rogatchi Foundation Outreach to Humanity international series.

Museo delle Civilca hosts the exhibition of the works by the finalists and winners of X Il Volo di Pegasso Award from June 12 until July 15th, 2018.