Final closure ordered for Haifa ammonia tank

Haifa court fines Haifa Chemicals NIS 500,000 for continuing to use ammonia container without a license.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Ammonia tank
Ammonia tank
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The Haifa local court on Sunday issued a final closure order for the ammonia tank that operated in the city for many years.

The court fined the Haifa Chemicals company half a million shekels for managing the ammonia tank without a license.

In addition, Haifa Chemicals is required to sign a financial commitment of NIS 2 million not to violate the Business Licensing Law.

Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav welcomed the decision. "After a 13-year struggle in all the courts, we can say that we have removed a real threat from the heads of about one million residents of the northern metropolis who are now thanking the court."

"I instructed the municipal professionals to continue the parallel procedure that remains open for the destruction of the tank," added the mayor.

In 2016, the Hezbollah terrorist organization issued a threat stating that the ammonia container would be like "a nuclear bomb" if hit by the terror group's missiles.