Israel's largest northern hospital prepares for war

What the world has to learn about Samaria.

Walter Bingham ,

The underground emergency center at Rambam Hospital
The underground emergency center at Rambam Hospital
Pyuter Ploter

Hear: Walter's "pictures in sound" from the amazing transformation of Haifa's Rambam Hospital into wartime mode - and how they relocated into their fully hospital equipped underground car park with all their patients.

It was an exercise carried out with military precision brilliantly executed. Pray that they should never have to do it in earnest.

In interviews, the hospital director proudly talks about this achievement and why they prepare for war. Senior staff explain their tasks.

Also: A few home truth about the facts on the ground in Samaria, or the Shomron as it should be correctly called. Learn how successive generations of local non Israeli Palestinian Arabs line up for work in Israeli factories where the conditions and pay are many times better than in their own work places.

And: The omissions of World Refugee day.

Plus: People in Glass Houses etc. etc. A severe criticism of the British Government.