Just believe: There are miracles

Miracles come in two main sizes: Supernatural and natural. Miracles of nature are no less miraculous, and call upon us to appreciate God.

Phil Chernofsky ,


Water responds like any other compound to changing temperatures, but an anomaly occurs in a narrow range around the melting point, and it's a change that makes a big difference. When you heat ice, the molecules gain kinetic energy, and the ice expands until it melts. But once all the ice has turned to water and the temperature starts rising again, expansion stops. Between 0-4C (32-40) the melted water actually contracts as the temperature rises. Beyond 4C, it starts to expand again. This phenomenon makes ice less dense than the water around it, which is the reason why ice floats.

At its melting point, water exhibits a characteristic shared by no other compound. Instead of continuing to expand in the liquid state, it contracts, and its density increases until it achieves a maximum at 4C.

If you reverse the temperature gradient and cool water to the freezing point, it starts expanding at 4C and continues to expand until it freezes.

So water behaves like no other compound. So what?

If water behaved like anything else, a lake would freeze solid during a cold winter. And all fish and other life forms in the lake would die.

But because of its unique anomaly, when the surface of the lake freezes, the ice does not sink to the bottom of the lake to expose more water to freeze but rather, the top layer of ice insulates the cold water below it and life forms in the lake survive the winter.

MA RABU MAASECHA HASHEM... everything in the world is made by G-d, B'CHOCHMA...

Our sedra tells us of yet another miracle with water - the rock that would have given water had Moshe spoken to it, and the rock that gave forth plentiful water when Moshe struck it twice.

Aside from the fact that Moshe and Aharon we punished by G-d for their missed opportunity to sanctify His name, the people witnessed yet another miracle with water.

Add to that the waters of Egypt turning to blood during Plague/miracle number one, the Splitting of the Sea, the turning of the bitter waters of Mara to sweet drinkable water, the first hitting of the rock, Miriam's well... water is a pretty wonder-filled thing. But the water-anomaly we began this Lead Tidbit with, and many other amazing facts about water, it too, in its mundane existence, is quite wonderful too.

Miracles come in two main sizes: Supernatural and natural. The ones that step out of the laws of nature, get a lot of WOWs, deservedly so.

But the miracles of nature are no less miraculous, and call upon us to acknowledge and appreciate HKB"H for the amazing world He placed us in. Yes, the sun stood still in Giv'on (on 3 Tamuz), but it rises and shines every single day. That's a real WOW.